Monthly Events:

Wednesday, April 25, 6-9pm, Ann Wright will be speaking as a part of the fundraiser for the 2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla that will begin sailing from Scandinavia on its 75 day voyage to Gaza.  There will be 4 boats, 2 sailing along the Atlantic Coast and 2 other boats sailing down the rivers and canals of central Europe and will arrive in Gaza at the end of July.
She will also give an update on The Golden Rule, the Veterans for Peace anti-nuclear sailboat that will sail from San Diego at the early part of June and arrive in Hawaii at the end of June and will remain for five months on an educational tour of the Hawaiian Islands before sailing to the Marshall Islands, Guam and the Northern Marianas, Okinawa and Japan.

Peace & Social Concerns Committee Fifth Sunday Presentation
Local peace activist Christine Ahn will speak on North Korea in the Meetinghouse on April 29 at approximately 11:45am.

Please check the calendar for specific dates and times.

Earthcare Subcommittee Meeting
, usually the first Thursday of each month; 2:00pm at the Meetinghouse. No meeting this month.  Acknowledging that the health of the planet is directly affected by the same conditions that cause human conflict, i.e. increased human population, increased rate of consumption, and unequal distribution of scarce resources, we strive to communicate our message and to support those engaged in the work to care for all living creatures and to restore the complex systems which sustain them.

FCNL Advocacy Group, First Wednesdays of each month, 1:00pm at the Meetinghouse. No meeting this month.

First Day School Committee meeting, Third Sundays, 9:00am, at the Meetinghouse (downstairs). Visit our "Sunday School" and see how we explain our Quaker values and testimonies through stories, crafts and field trips.

Hawai'i Peace & Justice Board  Will not meet this month. The successor to American Friends Service Committee of Hawaii (AFSC-HI), their work in Hawai'i began in 1942 with a program of service to Japanese residents suffering persecution after the Pearl Harbor bombing. The present office started with Friends' opposition to the Vietnam War in 1968 and continues with grassroots work.

House & Grounds Workday & Committee meeting, First Saturday of each month, 9:00am-11:30am at the Meetinghouse. House & Grounds Committee meeting usually follows and lunch is provided afterwards. Come and enjoy rewarding work, spruce up the house and grounds, good fellowship and delicious lunch.

Library Committee meeting, Second Saturday of each month, 1pm. You can read their interesting book reviews some months in our regular newsletter issues. There will be no April meeting.

Meeting for Healing, Tuesday Afternoons, 2pm.  Please call the Office (808-988-2714) for the location.

Meeting for Worship at Arcadia, Second Saturday of each month, 10:00am-11:00am, at Arcadia Retirement Residence.  This is an opportunity for Friends to worship with our friends residing at Arcadia.  Please call Judy Hall for additional information.

Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business, Second Sunday of each month, around noon. Join us to see what other committees have been doing and how Quaker decisionmaking process for the group as a whole is conducted. A gathering to do the work of the community. Quakers rely heavily on small groups that labor together to conduct necessary business. These are brought to Business Meeting for attention or action. When members open themselves and truly attend to each other, a sense of the meeting emerges and unity is achieved, as well as a deepening of community.

Oversight & Counsel Meeting, First Sunday of each month, after Meeting for Worship, at the Meetinghouse. Oversight & Counsel is charged with care for the membership and corporate life of the Meeting. 

Peace & Social Concerns Committee meeting, Fourth Sunday of each month, around 12:15pm at the Meetinghouse, downstairs. The committee members explore issues of peace and social justice and educate and assist Friends in their work for change.

This month, The Peace & Social Concerns Committee (PSCC) will give its Fifth Sunday presentation at the rise of Meeting on April 29. The topic will be North Korea, presented by local peace activist Christine Ahn. As always, there will be light refreshments.

Third Sunday Presentation  by Worship & Ministry. Will not be held this month.

Visiting Sunday Lunch, Fourth Sunday of each month, shortly after rise of Meeting. A gathering of Friends and visitors mingling small talk or weighty discussions with a hearty, healthy lunch.  This is also when we celebrate members and attenders who have had their birthday this month.

Worship & Ministry Meeting, Third Saturday of each month, 1-2pm, at the Meetinghouse. No meeting this month. Worship & Ministry is charged with fostering and strengthening the spiritual life of the Meeting by nurturing the Meeting for Worship and the spiritual growth of individuals in the Meeting and the Meeting community.  

You may also look at our Calendar for events or contact us.


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