Virtual Meetings

We are experimenting with meeting virtually, using Zoom.

Here are some useful (illustrated) instructions from Western Friend .
Virtual Meeting for Worship (Meeting ID: 960 012 9315) is scheduled for 10:00am Hawaii Standard Time (GMT -10:00) every Sunday (First Day). The meeting will open at 9:30am to allow for Friends to chat & get acquainted with the ins and outs of Zoom.

We will also be offering "Meetings for Conversation" every Wednesday at 4pm (and/or another time if this does not work well for people).

Please note that phone carriers are experiencing difficulties (March 2020) due to high volume.

Some lessons learned from earlier sessions include:
  • First-time users (on computers and phones/tablets) will need to download some software - which will be the "Zoom" app for phones/tablets.
  • The app installation includes some steps that can be skipped. Click on SKIP to do so, like asking for a list of friend's emails.
  • Some useful things to know beforehand include whether your computer has a camera and/or a microphone. Older models might be lacking one or both. Phones and tablets should have both. If you do not have a camera or a microphone, you can still be part of the meeting. You will see others, and you will hear any sharing during the Meeting and the announcements afterwards. If you have a microphone but not a camera, you will be able to share as well.

Using Zoom once in a meeting:
  • You will probably be "muted" when you first enter a session. Look for a drawing of a classic microphone. If it has a red line through it, you're muted. This helps cut down on background noise during a meeting (or Meeting).
  • To unmute temporarily while on a computer, you can hold the spacebar down while talking. On a phone or tablet, you will need to tap the microphone on or off, and you will need to touch the screen to see the controls.
  • It might be helpful to select "Chat" - it's an alternative way to communicate with people, especially if you don't have a microphone.
  • One of the windows will be a view of the Meeting Room or some serene object. If you find the activity of many faces too distracting, you could "pin" that window, which will put it front and center. Double-tapping (on a touchpad, phone, or tablet) or right-clicking (with a mouse) on the square you want to pin will give you the opportunity to pin it.
  • If you're on a phone or tablet, the first screen will be "Speaker view," with a thumbnail of you in a lower corner.  To see more people, swipe from right to left on the screen.
  • This activity might use a lot of battery - make sure your device is fully charged and/or plugged in.

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